Recipe Queen Dana Carpender Ditches ‘Low-Carb’ Label In Favor Of More Generic ‘Cook Well, Eat Well’

Filed under: Celebrity — @ March 20, 2006

Bestselling low-carb cookbook author Dana Carpender has built a solid reputation as a strong advocate of the low-carb lifestyle with a variety of books designed to deliver healthy recipes to supplement your new way of eating.

Despite the success she has seen writing about low-carb living, the decline in interest in the media and the constant criticism from the so-called health “experts” has led her to follow in the footsteps of fellow low-carb book author and advocate Jonny Bowden to ditch the term “low-carb” that has become so synonymous with her name.

bq. While the term “low-carb” is indeed difficult to peg these days with so many different meanings, that is why I believe it is important for people who believe in this way of eating to stand up in defense of it and take back the term from the media and so-called health “experts” who have twisted and perverted what low-carb living is all about.

Carpender assured readers of her “Low-Carb For Life” column that the change to “Cook Well, Eat Well” is not a change in personal philosophy about low-carb.

bq. I still eat low carb, and, indeed, I expect to eat low carb for the rest of my life. And if you are doing well and are happy with a low-carb diet, I urge you to continue eating that way for the rest of your life, too. Why mess with success?

Is Dana Carpender abandoning “low-carb” or is she simply shifting her focus to accomodate a growing readership? You be the judge by clicking here to learn more about this story.


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