Yale Professor Says Atkins Diet Produces Weight Loss Just Like ‘Cocaine Use, Cholera, And Tuberculosis’

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ March 21, 2006

Following the release of this study last week about one obese woman who allegedly followed the Atkins diet and experienced ketoacidosis, I heard back from Dr. Klaus D. Lessnau defending his study and asking for “any alternative explanation” for her condition. Several medical professionals have already chimed in.

But I also heard back from one of the so-called health “experts” quoted in the original story named Dr. David L. Katz. Dr. Katz is an Associate Clinical Professor at Yale Medical School and is vehemently opposed to the Atkins diet.

Here is what he said about the Atkins nutritional approach:

bq. Diets at odds with conventional dietary wisdom must prove themselves healthful. In my opinion, the Atkins diet never did, and never will, meet this test.

In response to my criticism of his statements against the Atkins diet, Dr. Katz made the following unbelievable comparison in an e-mail to me that left me flabbergasted!

bq. I am well-versed in the fundamentals of good nutrition. The Atkins diet is at odds with them. That’s not to say it doesn’t induce weight loss — at least temporarily. But so do cocaine use, cholera, and tuberculosis. I advise against those, too.

Yep, you read that right. Dr. Katz is comparing the low-carb lifestyle with “cocaine use, cholera, and tuberculosis.” Can you believe it?!

You can read much more of what Dr. Katz thinks about the Atkins diet along with my rebuttal to his assertions by clicking here.


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