Maltitol side effects – the worst sugar alternative

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Here’s a scenario for you:

You’re going along great in your low-carb weight loss plan, lost about 25 pounds, and feeling great. So you decide to treat yourself to some sugar-free, low-carb chocolates because you saw on the front of the package that it is made with Splenda. It’s okay, right?

Well, when your stomach starts making funky noises and you feel the uncomfortable effects of gas happening inside your body about an hour after eating that product, there’s only ONE word that can describe what has happened to you: MALTITOL!

Do you get the feeling that sugar-free candy manufacturer executives are all sitting in a board room somewhere laughing at all of us low-carbers who put up with this inferior sugar alternative and its awful side effects? It’s high time we DEMAND to have better substitute sweeteners in the sugar-free, low-carb products we buy.

The only way to make them change is for enough people to write them a letter sharing their concerns about maltitol and simultaneously boycotting the purchase of their products until they change. If they feel it in their pocketbook, then they will heed your opinions.


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