Study Finds Diabetes Improved With Low-Carb Diet, Without Weight Loss Or Medication

Filed under: Study — @ March 28, 2006

A new study conducted by Dr. Mary C. Gannon and Dr. Frank Q. Nuttall from the Center for Diabetes Research at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, finds that the low-carb diet drops the 24-hour integrated blood glucose area by a whopping 38 percent in untreated diabetics, bringing their readings close to “normal” without the need for weight loss or insulin injections.

With a protein:carbohydrate:fat ratio of 30:20:50, aka the LoBAG20 diet, the researchers noted that changes in diet alone can bring about these amazing results.

bq. Altering the diet composition could be a patient-empowering method of improving the hyperglycemia of type 2 diabetes without weight loss or pharmacologic intervention.

They have also found that a LoBAG30, consisting of 30:30:40 saw similar results as well.

bq. This is truly unbelievable research that should be front-page news around the world today. But have you heard about it anywhere else? How about a blurb on the national news? CBS? NBC? ABC? Anyone?! Not likely! It’s funny how the media will fall all over themselves when a suspicious “study” like this one comes out making the low-carb approach look bad, but then they will conveniently play dumb when positive studies like the one conducted by Gannon and Nuttall are released. Their hypocritical double-standard has never been more exposed than it is right now!

Click here to read more about yet another study proving the efficacy of the low-carb in the treatment of disease, namely diabetes.


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