Finding The Diet That’s Right For You

Filed under: Health — @ March 29, 2006

As someone who has seen tremendous success with the low-carb lifestyle, I am often asked by people if I think the Atkins diet will work for them as well as it did for me. My response is that everyone is different and people need to find something that will work for them and then STICK WITH IT FOREVER!

bq. From South Beach to The Zone to Protein Power and Sugar Busters, the variety of low-carb diets that exist out there is incredible. For an excellent overview of all the low-carb programs out there for you to try, check out Jonny Bowden’s “Living the Low-Carb Life.”

Once you find the weight loss plan you feel most comfortable with, you’ll know it’s the right one for you when you get “locked in” to the principles and concepts of that particular way of eating.

bq. The more I have thought about this concept, I realize that is EXACTLY what happened for me when I started livin’ la vida low-carb. One day I’m eating away at anything and everything that I want to stuff my face with, but then I start low-carb and WHAMMO BAMMO a light comes on in my head that makes me become super-conscious of EVERYTHING I put in my mouth.

It’s hard to explain how or why this happens, but having an epiphany moment where everything just starts to click for you is one of the ways to finding lasting weight loss success.

Read more about this concept of becoming “locked in” by clicking here.


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