What Should You Do If LDL Goes Up On Low-Carb?

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ March 30, 2006

I went to my primary care physician a couple of weeks ago to have my yearly physical checkup to see where I am since my 180-pound weight loss has been sustained for over a year now. But the results of my cholesterol blood tests have my doctor wanting to put me back on a statin drug again.

bq. Now I face an interesting cholesterol conundrum that I would like to present to my educated readership. I just got the numbers back from my latest visit to the doctor in March 2006 and they have my doctor pulling out the dreaded “s” word yet again:

HDL: 72
LDL: 170

At first glance, that perhaps looks pretty bad. But according to the triglyceride/HDL ratio, my cholesterol health is pretty good.

bq. Nevertheless, my doctor is very alarmed about my cholesterol numbers right now. He doesn’t care that my HDL is outstanding (his nurse even said my HDL was TOO HIGH if you can believe that!) or that my triglycerides continue on their downward path. All he can see is that my LDL is up which has caused my total cholesterol to be up as well. Guess what the first words out his mouth were to treat it: STATIN!

Am I resigned to taking yet another statin drug which has caused me great pain in the past? If my LDL has gone up, is it time to be concerned?

bq. I’m scheduled to go see my doctor for an office visit on Friday afternoon to discuss this. I’m pretty firm against taking a statin drug again, but should I consider something else to get my LDL cholesterol down? Is it a major concern for me to ponder or is this much ado about nothing?

Click here to learn more about my experience on statin drugs and to share your thoughts about what I should discuss with my doctor regarding my LDL and total cholesterol.


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