Man Who Loses Nearly 200 Pounds On Atkins Diet Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ April 1, 2006

As someone who has been successful at losing close to 200 pounds thanks largely to the Atkins diet and applying the principles of low-carb in my own life, I am proud to share with you another truly remarkable story of weight loss triumph on the Atkins diet.

His name is Kent Altena and March 31, 2006 was his two-year anniversary since he started the Atkins diet weighing in at a hefty 419 pounds!

Reading his story about how he used to hate the Atkins diet, then somehow was convinced it was something he needed to do for himself, and finally losing over 180 pounds, I kept getting deja vu all over again! :)

bq. Finding someone who has already accomplished what you want to do is incredibly motivating. That’s why people like me and Kent are constantly sharing our stories with other people so that they too can be successful at losing weight the low-carb way. IT CAN BE DONE!

Click here to be inspired and motivated to start or continue on with your Atkins diet experience through the example of Kent Altena.


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