Readers Say Natural Cholesterol Remedies Better Than Drugs

Filed under: Health — @ April 1, 2006

I touched on quite a nerve the other day when I discussed the issue of my doctor recommending I take a statin drug to lower my LDL cholesterol.

The overwhelming consensus from so many of you was for me to try other natural cholesterol-lowering methods first and that taking a prescription should be the very last resort. I already knew that, but it was nice to be reminded.

Here’s just a sampling of the comments I received:

“The only suggestions I would have is perhaps to eat closer to Induction level carbs again as the additional sugar near CCLL levels can indeed levels and perhaps add some ground flax meal into your diet.”


“High total cholesterol has been shown to be protective and healthy: it’s the ratio’s that are all-important and not the total number. That’s simplistic measuring for simplistic people. Your triglycerides and HDL ratio’s are very good and overall I would say that your vital biomarkers are excellent. The entire cholesterol discussion is for the most part a total hyperbole and benefits only Big Pharma. Remember: it is a well-documented scientific fact that those with the highest cholesterol readings tend to live the longest lives. Period.”


“The only real thing doctors know about the drugs they prescribe us is what the pharmaceutical companies tell them. Think about it. They are human just like we are. I’m here to tell you be proud of your accomplishment. Why do you think the Atkins diet is so put down? If the doctors would start prescribing low carb, then the pharmaceutical companies would go out of business!”


“Tell your doctor to stick his statins where the sun don’t shine – so to speak. You already know how sick you can get by taking them. Don’t forget, the statins stop you from making your own Co-Q-10 as well, which is needed for muscle growth and repair…and what is your heart made of (hmmmm, could it be… MUSCLE??). Statins are a huge moneymaker for the drug companies and their perky cheerleader type salespeople are pushing them very hard on your doctor. The more he prescribes, the more perks he gets from them.”


Don’t be fooled into thinking there is a safe medication for our illness. You can feel great about losing weight and wag the Low Carb flag all you want: reality is your levels are dangerously high and you need to take it serious. Taking Vytorin is a wise choice. However you need to start researching things out for your sake and not allow yourself to be swayed by quacks and other legitimate doctors; the latter being those who are genuinely trying to assist you with YOUR problem.”

Read more opinionated comments like these regarding cholesterol and statin drugs as well as my response by clicking here.


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