Vernon: Doctors Have ‘No Information’ About Treating Cholesterol For People On Low-Carb

Filed under: Health — @ April 3, 2006

A very lively discussion regarding the subject of cholesterol ensued last week after my doctor recommended I go back on a statin drug again because my blood work showed elevated LDL cholesterol levels.

Although my doctor has given me four months to lower my LDL cholesterol, respected low-carb practioner Dr. Mary Vernon believes most doctors are not equipped with the medical information that is needed to treat their patients following a low-carb program.

bq. One of the problems with this issue is that physicians are educated on the outcomes of constant storage metabolism and have no information about the risks or lack of risks associated with low carb. I can tell you that I have several patients who have had no progression of cardiovascular disease after low carbing for several years.

Read more of Dr. Vernon’s eye-opening comments about why people like me and other low-carbers may not need to be as alarmed about their LDL and total cholesterol readings as their family doctors are by clicking here.


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