Study: ‘Lifestyle Modifications’ Like Diet, Exercise Can Lower Blood Pressure

Filed under: Study — @ April 4, 2006

Dr. William M. Vollmer released a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine today that found lifestyle changes that could be implemented for eighteen months could become permanent and lead to improvements in health, namely blood pressure.

My own experience on the low-carb lifestyle bears out the results of this study.

bq. My blood pressure was pretty high before I started losing weight in January 2004. I regularly saw my blood pressure get as high as 190/100. Not good! Obviously, I was put on blood pressure medicine to help regulate this, even as I was losing weight. But a funny thing happened as nearly 200 pounds came melting off my body — I NO LONGER NEEDED THAT DRUG TO LOWER MY BLOOD PRESSURE! Guess when it happened, too? You’re gonna love this! Month 18. LOL! Dr. Vollmer, you are a genius!

Read more about this fascinating study about how simple lifestyle changes are improving health by clicking here.


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