The Life Of An Oregon Man Was Changed For The Better By The Atkins Diet

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ April 7, 2006

Examples of people who are on the Atkins diet and other low-carb plans in 2006 abound no matter what you hear in the media about this way of eating being “dead.”

One example is a man named John Light who wrote a letter to the editor of his newspaper in Oregon telling them how he was “meant to eat” this way for the rest of his life.

He lost 40 pounds in six months and has kept his weight off for three years on his way to the rest of his life.

bq. I have never felt deprived or hungry. There’s always something I can eat. But all the talk about willpower and denial made me feel bad about myself. This is the diet I was meant to eat.

I think most of us could say the same about our low-carb experience, too. I know I’ll never have to worry about weighing over 400 pounds ever again.

Read more of what John Light wrote about how the Atkins diet has changed his life forever by clicking here.


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