YMCA Trainer Claims ‘Eating Carbohydrates Is Necessary’

Filed under: Health — @ April 9, 2006

When one of these self-appointed health and fitness experts starts talking about my low-carb lifestyle in a derogatory manner, I feel quite compelled to stand up in defense of this way of eating that has changed my life so much.

So, when a YMCA fitness trainer named Michele Sheppard wrote an op-ed piece in her local newspaper describing the low-carb diet in a particularly distorted way, I could not sit idly by and allow her comments to go unchecked. Frankly, it reminded me of another YMCA representative last year that claimed low-carb was causing obesity and health problems to get worse.

bq. I guess I should be used to these kind of malicious attacks against the way of eating that has so radically altered the course of my life for the better by now, but it still makes me shake my head in disgust by how seemingly knowledgeable and educated people like these fitness trainers with the YMCA can get it so wrong about the low-carb lifestyle.

Sheppard said in her column that low-carb may help people lose weight, but it isn’t a healthy long-term way to keep the pounds off forever. Sigh. Will we ever reach a day when the truth about low-carb living will FINALLY reach the mainstream instead of this constant bombardment of misinformation?

Read more of her erroneous statements about the low-carb lifestyle and why I believe she is not properly educating the public by clicking here.


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