Coke Thumbs Nose At Low-Carbers, Stops Making Diet Coke With Splenda

Filed under: In The News — @ April 10, 2006

This day was inevitable ever since the Coca-Cola Company released Diet Coke with Splenda to the market in May 2005 with very little fanfare.

This was the very first Splenda-sweetened diet soft drink made by the company to compete with Pepsi One and I had high hopes that it would start a trend that would move to the rest of their product line.

Unfortunately, the executives at Coke had different plans as evidenced by the release of Coke Zero just a few weeks afterwards with marketing dollars coming out the ying-yang.

Here’s what I wrote about what Coke was doing in June 2005:

bq. Are they TRYING to kill sales of Diet Coke with Splenda by marketing another product that is coincidentally similar in nature? What better way to thumb their noses at those of us who begged for them to make a Splenda version of their soft drink? Why else would they release THIS diet soda so soon after Diet Coke with Splenda? I smell a rat and it points back to a meeting room at the headquarters of Coca-Cola.

Well, it looks as if my concerns were indeed valid and have now come true. The Coca-Cola Company has now stopped production on Diet Coke with Splenda to focus more on their precious aspartame-poisoned product Coke Zero.

This now leaves a grand total of ZERO Coke products made with Splenda now and it is forcing us low-carbers to make a decision: do we stick with Coke’s diet soda options that have aspartame in them or do we support those companies who intelligently use Splenda in their diet soft drink products?

bq. Now we must take this battle to our pocketbooks and let Coca-Cola feel the pinch of a mass exodus of low-carb consumers away from Diet Coke, Diet Sprite, Diet Dr. Pepper, and more. Instead, stock up on Pepsi One, Slice One, Diet Rite, and Diet Cheerwine to THANK them for showing their solid support for Splenda-flavored diet sodas. Maybe Coca-Cola will come to their senses and bring back Splenda to their product line if they know what’s good for them.

Read more about this decision by the Coca-Cola Company to pull the plug on Diet Coke with Splenda which includes my theory about why they set this product up to fail from the very beginning by clicking here.


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