Bone Health Group Warns Low-Carb Lacks Adequate Calcium Content

Filed under: Health — @ April 13, 2006

A group out of Scotland called the National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) is claiming low-carb plans such as the Atkins diet are leading to a greater risk for bone fractures because of the alleged lack of calcium, vitamin D and other minerals.

According to a survey they conducted recently, the Scottish people are shunning calcium-rich foods such as milk, bread, and high-sugar fruits. Of course, the NOS is blaming low-carb for scaring people away from these foods.

But apparently the NOS doesn’t understand that low-carbers get lots of calcium in their diet.

bq. Why would livin’ la vida low-carb cause this deficiency when low-carbers get LOTS of these things in popular low-carb foods such as cheese, leafy vegetables, and low-carb milk?

Also, while they point the finger at low-carb diets, their survey actually found that it is the low-fat diet that has many people avoiding milk because people have become so fearful of consuming fat.

bq. Isn’t that an ironic twist to this story? The very group assailing so-called “fad” diets like Atkins for causing people to alter their diets and leading to more brittle bones is simultaneously advocating a way of eating that has been found to have such an effect on people that they avoid the very products they are promoting. Isn’t that a perfect illustration of a health paradox?

Read more about what the NOS says about low-carb diets on bone health and why their assumptions about low-carb are way off base by clicking here.


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