Weight Gain On Low-Carb? EEEK!

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ April 13, 2006

Looking at this old photograph of myself when I weighed an incredibly unhealthy 410 pounds just two years ago helps me keep things in perspective. When you are on the low-carb lifestyle and have committed to this way of eating for life, then you are bound to encounter the dreaded weight gain.

bq. I looked in the mirror and saw what I look like today at 230-something. What I told myself is that I have come too far to throw in the towel on maintaining my weight. All those months of intense work to get to where I am today as the healthy and thin man that I have become were not in vain and I refuse to allow ANYTHING to stand in the way of my permanent weight loss success. Not even a little weight gain!

Keeping your focus when you gain back a few of the pounds you lost on your low-carb plan will help you take control of the situation and bring your weight back down to where it needs to be.

bq. NOTHING will stand in the way of your success if you keep the right mindset. Refuse to give in to the pressure that somehow your low-carb plan isn’t working. HOGWASH! It’s working, but you will be tested from time to time. It should make you feel pretty good that even someone who has lost nearly 200 pounds on low-carb can struggle with the pesky weight gain issue, too.

Read more about what I have done this week to start bringing my weight back down after gaining a little bit in the past couple of months by clicking here.


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