Splenda Washout: First Diet Coke With Splenda, Now Log Cabin Syrup

Filed under: Business — @ April 15, 2006

Just days after The Coca-Cola Company made the decision to remove Splenda from its lineup of diet soft drink products by ending their production of Diet Coke with Splenda, now another company has done the exact same thing with their product.

Log Cabin Sugar Free Syrup no longer contains Splenda in it, but has been replaced with the more inferior artificial sweetener aspartame. The move was made, according to the manufacturer of Log Cabin named Pinnacle Foods Corporation, because of “continuing efforts to improve” their product and they always seek to “ensure these modifications are preferred.”

bq. Ooooookay, is Pinnacle attempting to hoodwink the American people into thinking that most people actually PREFER the taste of aspartame MORE than they like Splenda? Really? I don’t know about you but the taste difference between these two sweeteners is like night and day.

I have some concerns about aspartame that cause me to avoid products that contain this sugar substitute whenever possible.

This washout of Splenda in the products we want makes you wonder just who is convincing these companies this is such a good move. Hmmmm? Most low-carbers who consume artificial sweeteners overwhelmingly prefer Splenda over aspartame, so these actions are perplexing at best.

Click here to read more about how you can voice your concerns to Pinnacle about their decision to remove Splenda from the Log Cabin product and to discover what other non-aspartame syrup alternatives are available.


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