Jonny Bowden Wants YOUR Weight Loss Questions

Filed under: Events — @ April 16, 2006

Health and nutrition expert Jonny Bowden, author of the bestselling low-carb book entitled “Living The Low-Carb Life,” is busy finishing up the manuscript of a brand new book on the world’s healthiest foods, but he has also started on a new project he is calling “Ask Jonny Bowden.”

This new venture for Jonny focuses on just one question:

bq. What’s your single most important question about nutrition and weight loss?

Jonny wants to know what questions you may have for him about diet, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss. These questions will be compiled as part of a series of upcoming teleseminar calls he will be conducting and answered in detail using the many years of education and experience he has on the subject.

Click here to learn more about the “Ask Jonny Bowden” project and how you can submit your questions to him.


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