What Happened To All Those Low-Carb Products?

Filed under: New Product — @ April 18, 2006

Q-Smart Bars packaging in 2004

Q-Smart Bars packaging in 2006

Two years ago there literally thousands upon thousands of low-carb products on the market as the “low-carb craze” (as the media liked to call it) was in full swing. Most of these “low-carb” foods were just plain garbage which is why genuine low-carbers were happy to see these products bite the dust.

However, there were some very good products available that seemed to be removed from the shelves with the bad stuff. Or did they?

As you can see from the images I posted above, many of those low-carb products that so proudly used the “low-carb” label previously have now been repackaged and scrubbed of any mention of them being low-carb.


bq. What it means is that there ARE low-carb foods out there for you to help you when you are livin’ la vida low-carb. But you might not have the words “LOW-CARB” blaring at you in the face anymore. But that’s a good thing because now it will make you turn the box over on the side for yourself so you can figure out if it is something you can eat or not.

Click here to read more about how Quaker changed their Q-Smart snack bars packaging while keeping the bars themselves unchanged.


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