Richard Morris Says Food & Drug Companies ‘Don’t Care About Your Health’

Filed under: Health — @ April 20, 2006

As a man who once weighed over 400 pounds myself, I can certainly vouch for the amazing impact and turnaround it has made in my life. The same can be said about the man whose incredible before and after pictures above show he has changed his life forever as well.

Richard Morris caught an “epiphany” of what healthy eating would be like because of a plate of chicken.

bq. I had been feeling really awful while working in New York, so I decided to try fasting for a day. I lasted until about dinner time and wound up ordering some roast chicken and vegetables. Since I was still trying to ‘fast,’ I didn’t eat anything else. The next day I felt better than I had in weeks, so I repeated the experiment, only this time I skipped the veggies and ordered two pieces of chicken. The next morning I felt so good that I knew I was on to something. For two days, I had not eaten any junk food and very few carbohydrates.

This new way of eating, which was basically a whole food, low-carb approach, led Richard down a path to tremendous weight loss, but more importantly, vastly improved health. His journey is nothing short of miraculous and will inspire and motivate others who need to lose weight and get healthy, too!

Interestingly, Richard is also very skeptical about the motives of the food and drug companies in this country because of the propaganda they spread about health, diet, and nutrition.

bq. I remind people that businesses are in business to make money. Period. They don’t care about your health. If you understand that and approach the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries with the same skepticism that you would apply to the claims of a used car salesman, you can inoculate yourself against the deceptions.

Read more of my revealing exclusive interview with Richard Morris by clicking here.


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