Biggest Loser Trainer Says ‘Thanks’ To Low-Carb Blogger

Filed under: Celebrity — @ April 22, 2006

Although I had conducted an interview with him last Fall through his book publisher as part of the promotion of the bestselling book “The Biggest Loser,” one of the NBC reality television show’s fitness trainers Bob Harper contacted me directly this week in an e-mail to share his appreciation for the efforts I am making in the health and weight loss debate.

bq. I have been reading some of your article’s on the Internet and just wanted to thank you for your support and kind words. It’s great to see people trying to help in this WAR against obesity here in America. Keep up the good work.

This took me totally by surprise because it came out of the blue and I had no idea somebody like Bob Harper was actually reading my columns about healthy low-carb living.

bq. I guess there are so few people willing to share the truth so openly about diet, health, weight loss, fitness, and nutrition that my writings do kinda stand out. I don’t even pretend to know an inkling as much about those subjects as people like Bob Harper do, but I am thrilled to know someone like him appreciates the efforts I am making here to help educate and encourage the masses about healthy lifestyle choices.

This e-mail from Bob Harper inspired me to write a special message for anyone who is struggling with losing weight. You are not alone in this battle and I encourage you to never EVER give up not matter what. Click here to read more about why your attitude is an important part of your success or failure in weight loss.


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