Columnist: Passover Is ‘The Atkins Diet For Jews’

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ April 24, 2006

Don’t you just hate people who assume they know what the Atkins diet is without checking it out for themselves? That’s exactly what Ian Cropp, a Jewish columnist for a Colorado newspaper, did in an op-ed piece recently about his experience on Passover.

Describing Passover as “the Atkins diet for Jews,” Cropp repeated many of the same old tired arguments against low-carb living that we’ve been hearing from so many in the media over the past few years. Sadly, none of them are grounded in what the low-carb lifestyle is REALLY about.

bq. I strongly urge you to study up a little more about what you write about before you resort to such ignorance again because it really makes you come across as unprofessional and inexperienced. The next time you decide to write about the low-carb lifestyle or the Atkins diet, why don’t you swing on over to my blog and find out for yourself what this amazing way of eating is REALLY all about in the real world rather than relying on what you have “heard” about it from your media friends living in fantasy land. Is that too much to ask?

Read more about what Ian Cropp wrote about the Atkins diet and my response to him by clicking here.


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