Do You Know A Woman With PCOS? Put Her On Low-Carb!

Filed under: Study — @ April 24, 2006

YAWN! Another day, another study showing the healthy benefits of the low-carb lifestyle. Will the news ever stop rolling in? Nope! Sorry low-fatties!

Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham looked at women suffering from PCOS and wanted to find the best nutritional approach for treating their condition through dietary changes.

Each of the study participants were placed on one of the following three diets:

1. The Standard American Diet (SAD) – 56% carbohydrates/31% fat/16% protein

2. Enriched Monounsaturated Fatty Acid Diet (MUFA) – 55% carbohydrates/33% fat/12% protein

3. Low Carbohydrate Diet (Low CHO) – 43% carbohydrates/45% fat/12% protein

Would you be surprised to learn that the low-carb diet performed the best in maintaining stable blood glucose levels and, thus, improving the PCOS in the women involved in the study? Not me!

Click here to read more about this incredible study that gives some GREAT news to women in the treatment of their PCOS.


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