320-Pound Woman Sheds 150 Of It On The Atkins Diet

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ April 25, 2006

I just absolutely LOVE hearing how people are STILL losing gobs and gobs of weight on the Atkins diet even though this way of eating is supposedly dead! It makes me want to send one very clear message to the naysayers in the media and those pesky little health “experts”: NA NA NA NA NA NA! :)

The weight loss success is Colleen Awalt from Richmond Heights, Missouri who used to tip the scales at 320 pounds on her 5’2″ frame, but she eventrually discovered the healthy benefits of low-carb living and in turn got her life back!

bq. The first month she lost 20 pounds, 45 pounds in four months, and was so stoked it gave her the motivation she needed to eventually shed a whopping 150+ pounds from her body and become “normal”-sized again. WOO HOO, YOU GO COLLEEN! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Read more of Colleen’s incredible weight loss journey, including how she contemplated gastric bypass, what she did to literally kickstart her weight loss when it slowed, and how she had to deal with some hanging issues after her weight loss by clicking here.


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