Author: Atkins Diet Leads To Arteriosclerosis And Weight Gain

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ April 27, 2006

You can always tell whether one of these new diet plans that hits bookstore shelves is going to succeed or fail by the way the publisher and author decides to market their book. If the weight loss plan is well-researched and clearly articulated in language that makes sense to the people who read it, then it cannot help but be a bestseller.

Sadly, though, you’ve got books like “The Let’s Eat Cake Diet” which resorts to sending out press releases proclaiming, “Atkins has Tainted the Diet World.” In my eyes, this negates every ounce of credibility that author may have had with his book because he feels the need to bring down another diet to make his own look good.

bq. It’s obvious he’s trying to get his book to move up just a little bit from the sales doldrums it is seeing at with such a scathing attack against the Atkins diet. Didn’t he get the memo from the media that low-carb is dead? If so, then I guess he just likes beating a dead horse. We know better, don’t we? That’s why I NEVER stop defending against these attacks every chance I get!

Click here to read more about The Cake Diet author Dean Kapsalakis and how he will most likely remind you of another low-fat-loving Dean…Ornish, that is!


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