Woman Finds Shocking Discovery When She Started Gaining Weight On Low-Carb

Filed under: Events — @ April 28, 2006

While most people enjoy effective and lasting weight loss by following the low-carb lifestyle, one woman wrote to me this week explaining an extraordinary story about how she actually started GAINING weight a year and a half after losing 45 pounds on the Atkins diet in 2004 despite strictly following the plan.

bq. This weight gain is a natural part of low-carb that almost all of us who have lost weight on low-carb have gone through and certainly isn’t a time to panic. So she did what every good low-carb veteran does when the scale goes up: dropped back down to the Induction phase of 20g carbs daily. While she lost a few of the pounds she had gained when she did this, the weight loss just suddenly stopped and plateaued for several months. But then something very peculiar happened — SHE STARTED GAINING WEIGHT DESPITE STILL BEING ON LOW-CARB!

Read more of this perplexing story about this woman’s sudden weight gain and the shocking discovery about why it was happening to her by clicking here.


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