Book Review: Eat To Live

Filed under: Review — @ April 30, 2006

Don’t you just hate when the author of a diet book attempts to conceal what the true motive of his book is really about? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we have here with Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat To Live book.

bq. I cannot help but urge people to beware of the Eat To Live diet plan because it certainly doesn’t seem to have your health in mind. After reading through this diet book, the only conclusion I can draw is that Dr. Fuhrman is yet another stealth vegetarian who is attempting to spread his anti-meat agenda to the whole world by disguising it as a healthy “nutrient-dense” way of eating.

You’ll never believe how Dr. Fuhrman describes popular low-carb programs such as Atkins and The Zone! Read more of my scathing review of this radical vegetarian book by clicking here.


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