Book Review: A Life Unburdened

Filed under: Review — @ May 1, 2006

When you are overweight or obese, sometimes it is difficult to know just how bad your weight problem has gotten to be. For Richard Morris, it had to get REALLY BAD before he even realized he had allowed his weight to soar over 400 pounds.

Since I used to weigh above 400 pounds myself, I was quite interested in reading Morris’ personal weight loss success story called “A Life Unburdened: Getting Over Weight and Getting On With My Life.” WOW, be prepared to not only be inspired, but to have the very foundation of everything you thought you knew about healthy living shaken to the core.

bq. To describe Morris’ dramatic change as simply an inspiring weight loss story is simply missing the point altogether because it is so much more than that. While this former 400+ pounder was in a place that I know about all too well, Morris was able to pull himself out of that certain-death situation to now become a notorious fighter for healthy living, an encourager for all who desire weight loss, but most of all, a better husband and man than he’s ever been before.

Click here to find out what Richard Morris did to overcome his morbid obesity and how he is helping others live a healthier lifestyle for themselves, too.


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