Book Review: The Hallelujah Diet

Filed under: Review — @ May 1, 2006

I believe that God can help anyone who desires weight loss to make it happen in their lives if they earnestly ask for His help. But now there’s a diet book out there that claims to know HOW God wants people to eat.

It’s called The Hallelujah Diet and was written by a preacher named George Malkmus. While I appreciate his enthusiasm for seeing people eat better than they are now, Malkmus’ holy solution is nothing more than an ultra-vegan diet.

bq. That “optimal health you were meant to have” according to Malkmus is predicated on eating lots and lots of living and organic foods which in and of itself is not a bad thing. However, when it is to the exclusion of foods such as meat (described as “dead animal products” which Malkmus believes “is more harmful to our health” than any other food) and other “deadly” foods, Malkmus reveals that his motive is less spiritual than it is in promoting veganism and the vegetarian lifestyle.

Read more of my review of this book including a personal story about a man I know who went on this diet by clicking here.


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