Why Do They Always Discontinue the Products I Like?

Filed under: Low-carb Stores — @ May 2, 2006

Low-carb retail store owner Michael Kirtley, from Low-Carb Central in Hales Corner, Wisconsin (Milwaukee area), says he gets a lot of questions from his customers about why popular and favorite low-carb products get discontinued.

Based on his own experience there are MANY reasons why this happens, but he reminds people that there have been people on the low-carb lifestyle long before the business end of low-carb came into existence.

bq. How many of these low-carb convenience foods were there when Dr. Atkins or the Eades started their research and wrote their books about low-carb living? None. Not a single one. Their plans were based on whole foods you could, and can still get, at the meat counter, dairy aisle and vegetable section of any grocery store.

Read more of Michael Kirtley’s wise on-target opinions about this issue by clicking here.


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