Is LAP-BAND Surgery Better Than Low-Carb?

Filed under: Study — @ May 3, 2006

Researchers of a new study out of the Centre for Obesity Research and Education at Monash Unversity in Melbourne, Australia conclude that the controversial LAP-BAND surgery is a much better option for weight loss and improvements in metabolic syndrome than any other natural weight loss method, including low-carb.

Professor Paul O’Brien made his conclusion based on a comparison of the LAP-BAND surgery patients with people following a physician-directed, very low-calorie diet in combination with the weight loss pill orlistat, lifestyle change support sessions, and regular exercise.

bq. But there’s only one problem with your conclusion, Professor O’Brien — you only compared LAP-BAND surgery with an ultra-low-calorie diet combined with diet pills and exercise and did not look at other traditional non-surgical weight loss approaches such as low-fat or low-carb diets. In order for you to declare weight loss surgery as BETTER than natural changes in diet and exercise, you absolutely MUST look at a variety of dietary plans and not limit the study to the difficult-to-stay-on calorie restriction diet.

Click here to read more about this study so you can challenge researchers to do it again except this time comparing LAP-BAND surgery to the low-carb lifestyle instead. The results would be much different don’t you think!


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