How Can You Both Oppose And Support Low-Carb At The Same Time?

Filed under: In The News — @ May 4, 2006

Nothing is more perplexing to me than to hear a self-professed health and nutrition “expert” talk about how much he despises the low-carb “fad” because it supposedly lacks the “balance” and “moderation” needed for a healthy diet, but then that same person turns right around and espouses the very principles that make up the low-carb lifestyle. Ugh!

Take the comments of this dietician, for example. In this column she wrote recently about balancing your blood sugar, she listed the following ideas for people who want to eat a healthy diet:

- Avoid the Standard American Diet (SAD)
- Steer clear of white flour and refined, processed foods
- Don’t touch sugar
- Eat a healthy balance of carbs, protein, and fat
- Consume nonstarchy vegetables
- Increase your protein intake for level blood sugar
- Healthy fats in fish oil, coconut oil, and almonds are good for you
- Trans-fats are bad for your health
- Choose carbohydrates with fiber in them
- Snack on high-protein foods for satiety
- Give up fast food and prepackaged meals
- Read books like “The Schwarzbein Principle”

bq. Not one single thing on that list runs contrary to what people who follow the low-carb lifestyle believe about what makes up a healthy diet. But apparently this is all lost on [this dietician] as she mockingly derides low-carb and what it stands for throughout her column.

Read more about why this dietician has a demented view of what low-carb is and how much she agrees with the low-carb lifestyle more than not by clicking here.


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