Real Stories Of Real People On Low-Carb

Filed under: Health — @ May 6, 2006

Nothing beats an authentic, firsthand testimony about how the low-carb lifestyle has changed someone’s life forever. Although we are constantly bombarded with the message that low-carb is just a passing ‘fad’ that is dead, I’m sure these real stories of real people on low-carb will help change that assertion.

bq. “I turned to low-carb because I was sick of being overweight and dealing with constant fatigue and health problems. At my last physical I found out my triglycerides were over 500 and my doctor was trying to talk me into medication. I’m not even 40 years old yet! I started researching diets and low-carb was the only one that made sense to me. I’ve been following a low-carb way of life since November 2005 and have since lost 20 pounds. The weight is coming off, which never happened when I followed a low-fat diet. I wake up each day bursting with energy, feeling better than I’ve ever felt in my entire life! If I can feel like this, I don’t care if I never lose another ounce (although I’m sure I will!).”

bq. “I had a successful weight loss of 110 pounds with a low-fat diet, but gained it all back within in a year or two. When I started to try to lose weight on the low-fat diet again, my fiance simultaneously went on low-carb. As I starved daily, he was enjoying all the wonderful low-carb foods you can eat and I quickly became very jealous. So I switched to low-carb living, too, and now I feel better, eat better, am NEVER starving and I have hope again.”

bq. “I have been on low-carb since January 2006 and have lost over 30 pounds now. I am living this way because I desperately needed to lose weight. I was a collegiate volleyball player, so pretty much my entire childhood and young adult life I could eat anything I wanted as I exercised more than enough to burn everything I ate off. However, after college and two kids later, all of that eating caught up to me and VERY quickly! Before I knew it, I was very obese and wasn’t able to do that things I used to love, including sports. This is the only diet I’ve been able to stick to and it is rewarding when random people come up to me and say they can tell I’m losing weight.”

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