Book Review: Every Calorie Counts Cookbook

Filed under: Review — @ May 7, 2006

Has Dana Carpender “sold out” and lost her mind writing a new book about CALORIES after building her entire writing career around the subject of low-carb?! Why has she abandoned us low-carbers like that?

If that’s what you are thinking and worried about regarding Dana Carpender’s new book, “Every Calorie Counts Cookbook,” then let me put your mind at ease.

bq. Let’s get one thing straight about the “Every Calorie Counts Cookbook” right away: THIS IS DEFINITELY A LOW-CARB COOKBOOK! Carpender makes no bones about it from page one that she is still a rebel on a mission to help educate people on making healthier choices regarding what they are eating and making sure every calorie and carb counts when they do it.

While there has been some controversy over Carpender removing the words “low-carb” from her books and syndicated newspaper column, she’s still a diehard believer in the low-carb lifestyle eager to continue sharing how amazing this healthy lifestyle change is.

bq. You can really tell Carpender pours her heart and soul into every book that she writes. The passion she exhudes for healthy eating, simple and fun cooking, and in explaining what people need to do to lose weight forever is evident in every page of this book. She really cares about the things she discusses in her book and that’s not always the case with some authors.

Read more of my review of Dana Carpender’s “Every Calorie Counts Cookbook” by clicking here.


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