Media Focuses On Calories, But Carb-Consciousness Is The Story

Filed under: Study — @ May 7, 2006

A new International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC) Food & Health Survey reveals some of the latest opinions of Americans concerning diet, health, nutrition, and fitness.

While most of the media is focusing on the fact that only 1 out of ten people surveyed was able to explain how many calories they should be eating in a day, I think the bigger news is the fact that 51 percent of Americans are watching the amount of carbs they are eating, cutting back on things such as bread, cereal, and pasta for the sake of their health.

bq. WOO HOO, we ARE making an impact on what people think about carbs. This understanding by the consumer about why carb consumption is bad for your health is something that will continue to frustrate food companies that manufacture these high-carb items. They keep hoping the low-carb “fad” will go away, but it’s not leaving anytime soon.

Read more about what this survey found regarding the public’s perception of a healthy diet by clicking here.


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