Former KETO Exec: CEO Was In ‘Complete Denial’

Filed under: Business — @ May 8, 2006

Remember KETO Foods? In 2003, this was arguably the biggest name in low-carb food manufacturing aside from Atkins.

But, as you know, several poor business decisions by the company’s leaders sent the company into a quick and painful nosedive which greatly impacted a lot of people who had supported KETO from the beginning.

In an exclusive interview, the former product development director for KETO Foods Pete Maletto felt the time was right to tell the rest of the story of what really happened to KETO and where he sees the low-carb industry going in the coming years.

Here’s a snippet from my interview with Maletto:

bq. [KETO CEO] Arne [Bey] saw dollar signs in Wal-Mart gold…KETO decided to summarily dump the 12,000 health food store accounts we had built up in five short years, in favor of Walgreen


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