Atkins Foundation Donates $2 Million To University Of Michigan For Obesity Research

Filed under: In The News — @ May 9, 2006

The Associated Press reported on Monday that the Atkins Foundation headed by Veronica Atkins, the widow of the late Dr. Robert C. Atkins, donated $2 million to the University of Michigan (where Dr. Atkins graduated from in 1951) for researchers there to conduct studies on obesity and metabolism. The money will be used to pay for an endowed professorship who will look at diabetes, nutrition and obesity and attempt to discover effective treatments for these conditions.

While low-carb is constantly being bombarded with negative messages in the media of from the so-called “health experts,” the fact is that the science behind this healthy nutritional approach continues to roar forward with exciting results.

bq. So the science is moving forward even if the consumer isn’t aware of it yet. This is very difficult for someone like me who so desperately wants people to know how amazing the low-carb lifestyle can be for them. But I understand these things can take time.

So while we wait for the researchers to confirm what we already know about the low-carb lifestyle, we must remain vigilant in defending our cause so that others can be helped in the interim.

Find out more about how low-carb research will eventually catch up to the reality that so many of us low-carbers are already aware of and to read an incredibly insightful e-mail from a reader who understands what needs to be done by clicking here.


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