Lip Balm Or Low-Carb: Which Provides More ‘Natural Weight Loss’?

Filed under: Health — @ May 10, 2006

The weight loss gimmicks that are out there today have gotten really ridiculous, haven’t they? From the ear stapling diet, the coffee diet, the cookie diet, and who could forget the carb blockers, there’s no shortage to the outrageous attempts to bilk overweight and obese Americans out of every last dollar they have in their pocket.

But now I think I’ve seen it all! Have you seen the lip balm diet? This is a REAL product out there from a company called Desoriente for people to use to help them lose weight!

bq. According to their web site, people gain weight from “over eating and unhealthy snacking.” To combat this, Desoriente offers a proprietary blend of nine oils and extracts in their lip balm which contains smells that “suppress the feeling” of hunger. They claim application of the lip balm causes the oils to be “absorbed by the nasal cavity and Olfactory System” to “lessen the feeling of hunger within seconds.”

It goes without saying, but you don’t need a lip balm to help you lose weight.

bq. Wanna see REAL weight loss results without wasting your money on fake products like lip balms? Try livin’ la vida low-carb instead and experience the feeling of appetite suppression as well as PERMANENT weight loss from foods that taste great and keep you satisfied without ever feeling hungry or deprived. That’s a GUARANTEE you can REALLY count on!

Read more about this latest in a long line of weight loss fads by clicking here.


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