Dr. Bryant Stamford: ‘Atkins Diet Was Too Good To Be True’

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ May 14, 2006

Some people in this world are just hell bent on tearing down the Atkins diet at every opportunity they find. Such is the case of exercise physiology professor, syndicated health columnist, and radio show host Dr. Bryant Stamford.

I first became aware of his disparaging remarks about the Atkins diet in July 2005 when he wrote in his “Body Shop” syndicated column that low-carb eating called for “snacking on cheese wrapped in bacon [which] is clearly not healthy.”

In another recent column attacking the Atkins diet, Dr. Stamford said he just knew the “Atkins diet was too good to be true” when a friend of his started gaining weight after TRYING to do the media version of Atkins diet.

bq. “Eventually, his Atkins plan morphed into a good old-fashioned high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie diet,” Stamford wrote regarding his friend. “He backslid quickly, gaining more weight than he had lost and raising his blood pressure and serum cholesterol. In short, he became another Atkins casualty.”

My response to this claim by Dr. Stamford was that you couldn’t blame the Atkins diet for failing his friend when it was his friend who gave up on the diet.

bq. Once he stopped following the plan, the onus of responsibility was no longer on Dr. Atkins or low-carb living, but rather on your “friend.” If he was eating a “high-fat, high-sugar (high-carb), high-calorie diet,” then that is NOT the Atkins diet. Of course he gained the weight back and saw a negative effect on his health. DUH! That would happen to ANYONE who gave up on their diet, whether it was low-carb, low-fat, or whatever. Describing this sequence of events as “another Atkins casualty” is a gross misrepresentation of what livin’ la vida low-carb is truly about and you should be ashamed of yourself for casting a dark cloud on the Atkins diet because of your jaded point of view, Dr. Stamford!

There were plenty other strange comments about the Atkins diet made by Dr. Stamford that you’ll just have to read to believe along with my responses to this nonsense. Click here if you don’t mind your blood pressure rising from reading the idiocy of an anti-Atkins zealot!


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