What If Low-Carb Meant NO Carbs And All Meat?

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ May 16, 2006

In the three decade that the Atkins diet has been out there for all the world to see, can you believe that there are some people who STILL believe it is a diet that consists of ZERO carbs and ALL meat? Yikes!

But what if low-carb really did mean NO carbs and all meat? Hmmm? Have you thought about what that diet would be like (no, it’s not a nightmare unless you are a vegetarian or vegan!). :D

Well, that’s the basis for a new blog called The Zero Carb Path by a man named Rob. He believes this all-meat, zero-carb diet will enable him to lose weight and get healthy.

But, I’m not so sure.

bq. While I applaud Rob for enthusiastically embracing this interesting new lifestyle change to help himself get his weight and health under control, I know I could NEVER do this zero-carb diet. I would miss fruits and vegetables too much!

Read more about this carniverous diet and who inspired Rob to start doing it by clicking here.


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