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Filed under: Publications — @ May 17, 2006

Have you noticed the sudden departure of all those great low-carb resources that used to be available to people following the low-carb lifestyle? With every semblance of “low-carb” being scrubbed completely from our society, I suppose this is just a natural progression in the economics of where the low-carb industry finds itself in 2006.

One of those resources that has slowly, but surely gone away are low-carb magazines. If you can get your hands on a copy of the just-released Summer 2006 issue of SheKnows Low-Carb (formerly known as Low-Carb Energy magazine) on the shelves of your local supermarket, drugstore, or bookstore, then you will be holding a piece of history.

bq. It will be the very last copy of a fully-dedicated low-carb magazine ever! That is, unless the low-carb lifestyle makes another big comeback in a few years and the magazines are reborn. It could happen.

So will low-carb no longer be featured in ANY magazine now? Actually, the low-carb content of SheKnows Low-Carb will now be rolled into the SheKnows Diet & Fitness magazine beginning in the Fall 2006 issue.

Click here for more information about what happened to all the low-carb magazines.


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