Supermodel Sellout: Heidi Klum Hawking Sugary ‘Health’ Candy

Filed under: Celebrity — @ May 17, 2006

One would think that a world-famous supermodel like Heidi Klum would at the very least have enough personal convictions about what is healthy and what is not before agreeing to use her likeness on the packaging of a product she is endorsing.

I guess not!

The My Favorite Candies by Heidi Klum product line recently released to the market feature fat-free fruit-flavored candies (you’ll never believe how much sugar these things actually have in them!) with little messages on them.

Why would Heidi Klum agree to promote such junk as “healthy?” Because they are fat-free, of course. Argh!

bq. While Heidi Klum goes around sucking on her new candy trying to fool people into believing they are eating a “healthy” treat, just remember that this supermodel who supposedly serves as an example of what beauty, health and vitality is all about is actually making the obesity problem worse by encouraging the consumption of more and more sugar.

Read more about Heidi Klum’s foray into the mixed-up world of “healthy” candy by clicking here.


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