How About A Carb And Fat Switcheroo?

Filed under: Health — @ May 18, 2006

For the past three decades, we have heard from government leaders, health “experts” and doctors that low-fat is great end-all, cure-all for all the health woes that the world has faced, is facing or will face in the future, including obesity and related diseases.

But how about we push for a carb and fat switcheroo to see if ANYTHING changes regarding rising obesity rates and continued declining health?

bq. Think about what our society would be like if carbohydrates were given the exact same special classification and utter disdain in our society as fat has enjoyed almost exclusive rights to for the past three decades. It’s interesting how radically different just this one minor change makes.

Read more about what our world would be like if “low-carb” was promoted and supported as heavily as the “low-fat” lie has been without any criticism whatsoever by clicking here.


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