How Do You Help Someone With A Weight Problem?

Filed under: Health — @ May 19, 2006

As a man who used to weigh over 400 pounds, I’d like to offer some advice about how people can help those friends and loved ones who are overweight or obese. There’s a right way to “help” and a wrong way.

Here’s the wrong way:

bq. Walking up to that person and bluntly telling them, “You know, you’re pretty fat and should go on a diet or something!” Besides lacking any tact or taste, that’s just plain rude. And you’re basically making a bad situation even worse by degrading that person to the point that they feel even worse than they already do about themselves while angering them to the point that they give up even trying to lose weight. Not good.

As tempting as it is to “just tell them the truth,” what they actually need is your love, friendship and support.

bq. It all starts with building those relationships with people and, more than anything, acknowledging that they are human by befriending them and showing them that you consider them your equal. Unfortunately, whether we will admit it or not, the overweight and obese are looked down upon by our society as a whole. The blatant discrimination that fat people must endure sickens me to no end and I’m not even obese anymore!

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