UK Education Secretary Says Bye Bye To Junk Food In School Lunches

Filed under: In The News — @ May 20, 2006

UK Education Secretary Alan Johnson announced this week that beginning in the Fall 2008, school lunches in primary schools will be required to offer chips no more twice per week and there will be a mandatory minimum of two servings of fruits and vegetables at each meal.

This new initiative came about because of pressure from a grassroots effort led by popular UK television chef Jamie Oliver to give children better food choices to help curb childhood obesity. He recently proved on a four-part television series that you can provide healthy meals and keep the costs low at the same time.

All of this kind of begs the question: Why hasn’t this already happened?

bq. If the reason school lunches have suffered with junk food is because of financial constraints, then why hasn’t someone before Oliver attempted to be creative with the food to make it BOTH affordable and nutritious? Have we just thrown our hands up in the air and given up because of money?

Read more about this move to healthier school lunches in the UK and what we need to do to bring this effort to the United States by clicking here.


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