Why Is Everyone Running From The ‘Low-Carb’ Label?

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ May 23, 2006

There’s an important debate percolating among people who support the low-carb lifestyle for weight loss and health that’s getting louder and louder as the days go by.

It goes something along these lines:

“Since the media and opponents of low-carb have done such a hatchet job on our wonderful nutritional approach, perhaps it is time we stop talking about ‘low-carb’ and move to less offensive, more neutral terms such as low-GI or low-GL. Or we can tell people we’re eating less sugar and white flour while focusing our attention on good carbs. Yeah, that’s what we should do.”

I can certainly appreciate this school of thought that some people embrace because they are doing it for the sake of helping people make healthy choices about their weight and health without any obstacles standing in their way.

However, as I previously shared about this subject, I don’t think the people who support the low-carb lifestyle should be running from the “low-carb” label just because it has been misrepresented by those who would love nothing more than to see it go away.

bq. Call me stubborn or hard-headed, but I lost 180 freakin’ pounds on low-carb! Why should I capitulate to the naysayers and call it something else? NO! I did it on LOW-CARB! Not low GI, not low GL, not cutting down on my sugar (although I have undoubtedly implemented all three of these into my diet!). It was low-carb. Period. End of story.

Read more about this topic, including comments from low-carb author Dana Carpender in response to this column as well as a “call to action” by an active low-carber to implement a stealth low-carb campaign by clicking here.


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