Brain Diseases Improved By ‘Hyperketogenic’ Diet

Filed under: Health — @ May 26, 2006

We all know how well the low-carb lifestyle works for people wanting to manage their weight and the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. But what about areas of health that are totally unrelated to weight issues?

That’s what Dr. Theodore VanItallie set out to do with his study of a very low-carb, very high-fat diet on Parkinson’s patients. The five study participants were placed on a “hyperketogenic” diet consisting of 90% fat and just 2% carbs, but the results were unbelievable!

bq. Their balance improved, their tremors and shaking ceased, their overall mood was much happier and low-carb supporters are sticking their tongues out at all those radical low-fat lunatics (like THIS ONE) who believe fat is the great enemy in our diet today! NOT!

Additionally, this 2/90/8 diet has also been found to help people with Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s disease, epilepsy, and even brain tumors because of the body’s ability to be fueled by the high levels of ketones produced on such a diet thanks to the process of gluconeogenesis.

If anyone thinks low-carb is dead, then they need to read more about the latest advances happening in 2006 to see the evidence has only just begun and will continue for many years to come.


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