Can Your LDL Cholesterol Jump 50 Points In Just One Month? Mine Did!

Filed under: Health — @ May 27, 2006

I need your help with something crazy that is happening to my health right now. As most of you know, I lost 180 pounds on the Atkins diet in 2004 and have been continuing to enjoy the low-carb lifestyle to keep my weight off.

However, a March 2006 visit to my doctor to have my cholesterol blood work done found my LDL cholesterol had risen about 50 points in just six months and he wanted to put me on a statin drug (such as Lipitor or Crestor) right then and there. Of course, I refused to go on a statin because of what they do to my joints. OUCH!

But imagine my surprise when I had my blood tested just one month later and my LDL cholesterol jumped ANOTHER 50 points to 230 and pushing my total cholesterol to over 300 for the first time since I began my low-carb lifestyle?!?!

bq. What the &*#%^@ happened to my cholesterol numbers?! Although I started taking red yeast rice, a plant stenol, garlic tablets and a baby aspirin (all recommended by my doctor after my cholesterol test in March 2006), let me assure you that I haven’t changed a thing about my eating habits or exercise habits during that one month between these tests and I still haven’t. In fact, I haven’t really changed anything else about my low-carb program since I finished losing weight at the end of 2004. That’s what makes this cholesterol craziness so perplexing to me.

Click here to read more about this strange set of circumstances happening to my cholesterol and I welcome any feedback from others who have experienced something like this and/or low-carb researchers or practitioners who wish to comment on why this is happening. I’d really like to know why and whether it even has anything to do with my low-carb plan or not.


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