Researcher: Carbohydrates ‘Stimulating Excessive Appetites’ In Obese

Filed under: Study — @ May 30, 2006

Temple University School of Medicine researcher Dr. Guenther Boden conducted a study last year that looked at why low-carb diets are so effective for weight loss in obese diabetic patients. Basically, he wanted to PROVE that the Atkins diet worked as well as people claimed.

bq. “When carbohydrates were restricted, study subjects spontaneously reduced their caloric intake to a level appropriate for their height, did not compensate by eating more protein or fat, and lost weight,” Dr. Boden noted. “We concluded that excessive overeating had been fueled by carbohydrates.”

Whoa, somebody has FINALLY admitted the negative role carbohydrates are playing in metabolism, diet and health! Even more important was the discovery that the low-carb eating plan actually caused the study participants to eat LESS calories without being compelled to do so.

bq. “When we took away the carbohydrates, the patients spontaneously reduced their daily energy consumption by 1,000 calories a day,” Dr. Boden revealed. “Although they could have, they did not compensate by eating more proteins and fats and they weren’t bored with the food choices. In fact, they loved the diet. The carbohydrates were clearly stimulating their excessive appetites.”

Hmmm, so much for cutting my calories on my own. Ha! Also those calorie restriction advocates need to learn a thing or two about how low-carb works before they try to make us all suck on 100 calorie rabbit foods all day!

Read more about this fascinating study that reinforces the low-carb lifestyle by clicking here.


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