Beware Of ‘Coasting’ On Your Low-Carb Lifestyle

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ May 31, 2006

When you begin the low-carb lifestyle, everything is so exciting because the weight is pouring off of your body fast and furious, you start feeling better than you ever have in your entire life, and every aspect of your health improves. It really is a great feeling!

But then you head into the maintenance phase of the diet and the thrill begins to subside, you start going through the motions of low-carb living, and before long you find yourself simply “coasting” on your low-carb lifestyle.

Am I the only who’s gone through this?

After shedding 180 pounds in 2004 thanks to the Atkins diet, I have to admit that I have not been as committed to the low-carb lifestyle as I was two years ago and the proof is in my recent rise in cholesterol.

As a result, I have committed to eating more meals like this:

Eating plenty of salad greens, berries, and other healthy foods as part of your low-carb lifestyle should be a no-brainer for people who are making low-carb their permanent lifestyle change. But those old eating habits have a way of creeping back up on you before you know it!

bq. You see, despite the fact that I lost 180 pounds and have kept that weight off for well over a year, I still struggle to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s not an automatic thing that just naturally kicks in just because your weight is under control. It is and will always be a conscious effort to keep it that way and make improvements here and there so I can live that long, healthy life that I have always dreamed about.

Read more about the steps I am taking to lower my cholesterol naturally and the plan of action I began implementing this week to revitalize my low-carb lifestyle by clicking here.


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