Low-Carb Has A ‘History Of Safe Use’ For Treating Obesity And Diabetes

Filed under: Health — @ May 31, 2006

Now that one in three Americans has diabetes or the beginning stages of diabetes along with the two out of every three Americans who is either overweight or obese, the time is ripe for a new company to come along and share with people that low-carb has a “history of safe use” for dealing with both of these problems.

Bruce Rossiter, CEO of Dia Healthcare, said the overwhelming evidence from the researchers he has worked with, namely Dr. Steve Phinney, is that there are “no known or observed negative side effects” from being on a low-carb diet.

bq. “In fact, the regimen [Dr. Phinney] described was a ‘no carbohydrate’ diet, one of just protein and natural fats,” Rossister noted. “This way of eating was the staple for the Inuit people (Eskimos) and many of the First Nations people of Canada (comparable to our American Indians) for millennia. These people suffered no adverse health effects from eating no carbohydrates all their lives, including not getting scurvy from supposed lack of Vitamin C (raw meat has enough natural Vitamin C to supply a persons needs in this regard).”

With all the misinformation about claiming how unhealthy the low-carb lifestyle is for people to be on, Rossiter said the time is now to “keep the facts straight about low carbohydrate diets” so that others can benefit from the positive effect is can have on obesity and diabetes.

bq. “There is no better method for controlling and arresting the progression of diabetes than using a low carbohydrate approach,” Rossister stated. “For people with metabolic challenges, alternative diets are not a matter of choice but are an imperative if one wants to get the best possible treatment for their condition, including all other types of diets and diabetes medications.”

Click here to read more about Bruce Rossiter and Dia Healthcare’s crusade to improve the health of diabetics.


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